It’s time you saw digital printing in a whole new light.

What’s changed you ask? Standard digital printers offer advantages such as small quantity printing at low cost and in shorter printing times. In comparison, with the new generation of digital printers, the advantages are now virtually endless.


Choice of formats.

Up to now, print formats have been limited, giving creative professionals no choice but to follow rigidly defined specifications to create effective materials for print. Documents for large quantity printing requires traditional presses which often results in both higher quantities and costs. With today’s digital web roll printers, you can have many different documents printed at the same location, on the same press, even with a 20 X “unlimited” format project; you achieve targeted messaging with each print piece.


Quality is second to none.

With first generation digital printers, print quality was not up-to-par with other print options which resulted in reluctant clients. Today’s digital print technology makes it possible to create the same finished quality as a standard printing press in addition to offering all its multitude of advantages.

In the early days of digital printing, quality sometimes took a “back seat” to other benefits provided this new technology. Today, MELAN’s state-of-the-art Xeikon digital printer produces products that surpass industry standards with respect to image clarity, colour matching and overall quality.


An array of papers and substrates.

Paper can play a major role in the final product. MELAN’s Xeikon allows you to choose from an array of papers and substrates unmatched by any other single printer. Even the thickest, 16 point cardboard stock is no challenge for our digital web roll printer.


Customized printing on demand.

Our printing solutions allow for full flexibility and variability with specific message creation. You can now create small runs of unilingual pieces, targeted at specific markets in a cost-effective way. The result is a more effective message with a greater return on your investment.