Marketing Print Services

Melan is a full service, marketing print products provider. From the smallest to the most significant job, every project starts with a one-on-one meeting with you; we strive to understand your specific needs and then provide you with an optimal print product to match your discriminating expectations. Our simplified processes, combined with high-speed equipment, enable you to get your product to market sooner.

Digital Printing

Standard digital printers offer advantages such as small quantity printing at low cost and in shorter printing times.

Unleash your Creativity

Our high-quality digital print technology combined with formats of 19 inches wide by virtually unlimited length, the possibilities are infinite.

Infinite Possibilities

Our Variable Data Printing capable press is driven by database information which makes your fully customizable projects a reality.

Quality is second to none

With first generation digital printers, print quality was not up-to-par with other print options which resulted in reluctant clients. Today’s digital print technology makes it possible to create the same finished quality as a standard printing press in addition to offering all its multitude of advantages.
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Infinite Possibilities…

Digital Web Roll Printing – that’s what makes infinite possibilities a reality.

Melan understands your needs

At Melan, we understand tight deadlines and we are committed to providing high-quality printing services on time, all the time. Our experience and know-how is what keeps new clients pleased the first time around and our existing customers coming back. We strive to meet every printing deadline with the best possible quality, no matter what the size.

The only limit is your imagination.

At Melan, we know that meeting deadlines to provide top-notch marketing materials is what you’re striving to achieve. Whether you’re a graphic artist or a marketing professional, our industry-knowledgeable staff is always prepared to understand your specific printing requirements. In addition, our facilities are well equipped to bring any project to reality and that translates into infinite possibilities for all your creations.